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Places of Interest
Mukteshwar Temple
Mukteshwar Temple is situated on the bank of Ravi river, at about 20-22 km from Pathankot City. There are some caves which date to the time of the Mahabharata. According to a legend, the Pandavas stayed in those caves for a night during their "Agayatwas". This temple is also known as Mukesran mandir.A carnival or mela, called Mukesran da mela is held there each year in the month of April to mark Baisakhi.
Kathgarh Temple
It is a village situated 7 kms. from Indora on the meeting point of the Beas and the Choch rivers. There is an old temple, built in Mughal style, housing 6 feet long and 5 feet round 'Shivalinga' The 'Linga' here is of its own kind not found anywhere in the world. The Linga inside the temple is made of wood and it automatically breaks into two pieces and then the two equal pieces are put in the right place and it again retain its original state.
Nagni Temple
This temple is dedicated to Nagni Mata, a goddess who protects people by bites snakes. It is arround 30-35 Km from Pathankot, situated in Himachal Pradesh. It is arround 8-10 Km from Nurpur. There is the huge fair on every saturday in the month of Augest.
Nurpur Fort
Nurpur, originally known as the Dhameri, the fort was named Nurpur by Jahangir, the great Mughal Emperor, after his favourite wife, Nur Jahan. The fort was constructed by Raja Basu around 100 years back and fell into the hands of Jahangir much later. The fort is around 66 km from Dharamshala in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This fort has a Lord Krishna temple. This temple is famous for the Lord Krishna black stone murti. This murti was gifted by some rajastani king to nurpur city king.
Malikpur, Asia's foremost Hydraulic Research Station at the Upper Bari Doab Canal.
Madhopur, known for its famous headworks on the river Ravi.
Ranjit Sagar Dam(Shahpur Kandi)
Shahpur Kandi, a place of unique beauty a little north of Madhopur. Close by is the newly constructed Thein or Ranjit Sagar Dam. RANJIT SAGAR DAM (HYDRO ELECTRIC PROJECT) 4 X 150 MW. 1), Location, The dam is located at river Ravi near village Thein.
Church, Head works of Upper Bari Doab, Shahpur Kandi are the attractions of this area.
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