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   It is believed that Lord Shiva one of the three Lords in Hindu Trinity (known as Lord Brahma the creator, Lord Vishnu the Preserver and Lord Siva the destroyer) stays at Manimahesh Kailash. Followers of Lord Shiva visit Manimahesh Kailash during Shivaratri and other festivals related to Lord Shiva to obtain the blessings of their beloved Lord. They firmly believe that a dip into the Lake would bring in peace and wash all their past sins.
Manimahesh a beautiful place is in the south-eastern corner of Chamba District of himachal pradesh. It lies at an altitude of 5,656 m, near the Chamba-Kullu border. The town is around 6 km south of Dancho and 6 km north-west of Bajoli. Manimahesh is an ideal trekking destination. Manimahesh Lake lies 4800 meters above the sea level. It is therefore a high altitude Lake in Himachal Pradesh. There is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is well-known to have picked up some of the most inaccessible spots up in the mountains as his abode. Every year in the month of September, around Krishna Janmastami devotees undertake this journey, known widely as the Manimahesh Yatra.
Bharmour: Bharmour is a beautiful hill station at an altitude of 2195 m in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh. It was the ancient capital of Chamba till 920. Bharmaur is surrounded by high ranges, and delicious apples are grown here in abundance.

Manimahesh Lake : The Manimahesh Lake lies at the foot of the Chamba Kailas Hill, below the Manimahesh Peak. The picture perfect Manimahesh Lake is situated at an elevation of almost 14,000 feet.
Chhatrari : The Shakti Devi temple in Bharmour is of great archaeological importance. This place is 40-km away from Bharmour and 45-km from Chamba via road. The village is inhabited mostly by the Gaddis who are semi-postral lot, engaged in rearing of sheep and goats. Situated at a height of 6,000 feet, it's famous for its remarkable hill-style temple of Shakti Devi.
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