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Macleodganj - Dharmasala
    Macleodganj, located in Himachal Pradesh, India, is a very popular place among the tourists. The place breathes Buddhism and is fondly known as the 'Little Lhasa'. It is just 9 km away from the serene Dharamshala, Kangra Valley. It is renowned all over as the headquarters of the Tibetan Government in exile and the abode of the present Dalai Lama. Macleodganj is a very calm and peaceful place, strewn with many tourist attractions. The prime attraction here is the residence of the Holy Dalai Lama. The Tsuglagkhang or the temple of Dalai Lama is also frequented by scores of followers and devotees. Here you will come across astounding statuettes of Shakyamuni, Valokitesvara and Padmasambhava. It is a very beautiful temple and is surely not worth missing.
Macleodganj not only basks in the climate of spirituality, but also infuses a spirit of rejuvenation. The town also houses the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute which propagates and furthers the age-old and authentic Tibetan medical techniques. Some interesting activities held here include astrology and natural therapy, which attract numerous tourists. When you have finished exploring the streets and the entire place, you can also go in for the exciting excursions. These include Palampur and Triund. All these places are extremely pretty and the breathtaking locales will leave you in awe.
Bhagsu Waterfall: 3 km from Dharamsala. An easy walk down Bhagsu Rd through the village of the same name, then 1 km up to the waterfall itself. Despite a sign advising visitors not to venture further, the path to the waterfall is in reasonable shape, except for the final 50 meters which are distinctly dodgy, especially in slippery weather.
Location: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 2,000m
Discovered in: 1848
Best Time To Visit: July to September
Places of Interest: Residence of Dalai Lama, Tsuglagkhang temple
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