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Jwala Mukhi Temple
    Jwalamukhi is famous temple of Kangra valley of the goddess Jwalamukhi with flaming mouth. The great Mughal Emperor Akbar had visited this place to test its originality. After Daksha Yoga Bhagna, Lord Shiva placed the burnt dead body of Sati on his shoulders and started wandering about in a state of madness. To save the world from the destructive wrath of lord Shiva,Lord Vishnu started cutting the limbs of the dead goddess Parvati one by one. The places where they fell became sacred centers for the worship of shakti.The tongue of Sati fell at the place where the temple of Jwalamukhi is situated. The flames that come out of the openings in the earths surface are regarded as the manifestations of the fllen tongue of Sati and are worshipped as Jwalamukhi Devi (Goddess, who emits flames from her mouth.). The dome was built by maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1813 and Kanwar Naunihal Singh presented silver decors to it in 1840.
Jawalamukhi Temple is 34-km from Kangra and 56 km from Dharamsala. Recognised as one of the 51 Shaktipiths of India, is the famous temple of goddess Jawalamukhi also called the "Flaming Goddess". It lies in the valley of Beas and is built over some natural jets of combustible gas believed to be a manifestation of the goddess Devi Bhagwati Jawalamukhi.
The Jwalamukhi fair is held twice a year during the Navratri of Chaitra and Aswin. The devotees go round the 'Jwala Kund' in which the sacred fire burns, making their offerings. The 'Gorakh Tibbi' a centre of the Gorakhpanthi Naths is placed near the Jwala Kund. Folk-dances, songs, plays, wrestling matches and athletics are some of the important attractions of the fair. In April and October, the people of the area who believe that the jets of the inflammable gas coming from the volcano are actually the sacred fires coming out from the mouth of their Goddess, worship the Goddess of the Jwalamukhi volcano in the district of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.
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