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Chamunda Devi Temple
   Chamunda Devi is a Shakti shrine, Chamunda Devi Temple is situated 10 km west of Palampur, on the Baner River. A wrathful form of Durga (Chamunda) is worshipped here. The idol is considered so sacrosanct that it is completely hidden beneath a red cloth. Here Lord shiva is present in the form of death, destruction & dead bodies along with Devi Chamunda. Scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Devi Mahatmya are depicted on the walls. On either side of the Devi's image are Hanuman and Bhairo.
Devotees offer prayers, worship and give offerings for their ancestors. It is thought to be sacred to take a dip in Ban Ganga and to read and recite the writings of Shat Chandi. In the old days, people used to offer sacrifices also to the deity. The Goddess Chamunda was enshrined as chief Goddess with the title of Rudra in the battle between demon Jalandhra and Lord Shiva which made this place famous as "Rudra Chamunda".
Bir and Billing : This village is famous for its Buddhist monasteries. Hang gliding pilots use it as their landing site. Bir, surrounded by tea gardens and an amphitheater of low hills, is an ideal landing around for para-gliders. Bir has Buddhist Monasteries that are worth visiting.
Neugal Khad : Neugal Khad provides a fine view of the Dhauladhar range. It is roaring in the rainy season and gurgling All the year round. Himachal Tourism cafe provides food and a fine view from its restaurant. It is a famous picnic spot and ideal for a day escape from busy life.
Andreta: It is the home of the famous artist, late Sardar Shobha Singh and late playwriter Norah Richards. This presents an excellent view of the Dhauladhar Range.
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