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Welcome to advertisement solutions. is Pathankot's best information website for global as well as local visitors, travel information can easily found at this site. It is a perfect place for promoting / announcing your services or products. Advertisement is vital part for running and improving our, as well as your services. We offer our client following advertisemnt solutions.
Advertising will be done on Main Page and Content Links Pages (Hotels / Restaurants Listing pages , Tour-N-Travel Agencies, Schools, Colleges, Books, Cinema / Theatres / Multiplex, Introduction pages, Photo Gallery, Banks, Railways / Roadways pages etc..).
Here you would find Price details and specifications on all add units present on this website:-
Size 125 x 125 Pixels Size 120 x 240 Pixels Size 120 x 600 / 600 x 120 Pixels
 1 Month | 400 INR  1 Month | 450 INR  1 Month | 500 INR
 2 Months | 600 INR  2 Months | 650 INR  2 Months | 700 INR
 6 Months | 1100 INR  6 Months | 1150 INR  6 Months | 1200 INR
 12 Months | 1700 INR  12 Months | 1750 INR  12 Months | 1800 INR
 1 Month | 250 INR
 2 Month | 450 INR
 6 Month | 900 INR
 12 Month | 1350 INR
 1 Month | 300 INR
 2 Month | 500 INR
 6 Month | 1000 INR
 12 Month | 1500 INR
Note : All adds would be linked to advertiser's website (if they have).
If the advertiser does not have a web site, can provide a web page on our site(Your webpage is going to be placed (hosted) on our web server). A web page will cost India Rs. 1000/- for one time. The web page rates include designing of the page.
Mode of Payments:
'Netbanking Third Party Transfer' or 'Direct-Deposit' at Nearest Bank Branch.
Our Bank Account Details are:
Bank Name : State Bank of India
Branch Address : Dalhousie Road, Pathankot
Account Name : Sachin Gupta
Account Number : 00000010179112912
Please do not deposit cash directly in our account. Deposit only cheque or transfer funds by netbanking. Cash deposits will attract additional bank charges of Rs.100 per deposit. Payments should be made in Indian National Rupees(INR) Only.
Notice: Advertisement should not contain objectionable content.
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